Because YOU are enough.

A phrase we are often told yet seldom believe. A phrase we should tell ourselves everyday yet we always forget. A phrase to live by yet we question its sincerity.

It’s really is an ambiguous word ‘enough’. I suppose I have always associated it with negative connotations. Enough is enough…… I’ve had enough…… the word just weeps exhaustion and pain and a sincere lack of hope. It symbolises the end of something that has been wracked up with an untenable length of emotion and heartache and tears. It symbolises the end of a journey, perhaps between two people who once meant so much to each other and now….. well and now they don’t know how to continue it with each other.

Well I’ve had enough of having enough. My friend and current housemate (who is quite simply one of the best people I know) sat me down last week and asked me a few questions about my life. She asked me whether I was happy, whether I was content and what I would change in my life to make it that little bit better. She also told me that the day she worked out she knew she was going to be with her husband was when she told herself “I am awesome”. Because we all are. We are all fucking awesome.

And so when you wake up feeling like you aren’t enough; feeling like you can’t shake this indescribable lack of self-worth; feeling like you can’t do another day being you…. just remember that without you, being you, you wouldn’t be here at all. YOU got yourself here. And someone, somewhere, will think you are more than enough just for that very reason.



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