But first, sail your own winds.

Life this year has been somewhat different. And that may seem like the biggest understatement or somewhat of a current, overstated chiché but we were not ever going to be prepared for the sudden changes that were going to be thrown upon us. Even if we had been warned of the different degrees or severities of change, there was always going to be something that would have tipped us over the edge.
But the edge has seemed never-ending. And a few weeks ago, I suddenly softly landed on the bottom.

I have always tried to be the person who holds on to the happiest of memories. Perhaps it has been down to the endless negativity I always see in other people. The endless monotony of complaints about lives people have consciously chosen or relationships people are consciously enduring.

But life has always been about choice and it always will be.

This year has only been about choice for me. I refuse to be a victim of my own life. And while nothing has worked out in the way I thought it would, it has in fact ended up a great deal better.

Life, just as it is now, it exactly what I want it to be.



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