Working From Home/Beach/Heaven

A lot of people ask me what I do. I think it’s because they follow my Instagram and assume I don’t work at all. But then we aren’t ones to post the pictures that excite us the least.

I count myself extremely lucky to work for myself. I have the most incredible clients. I allow myself the time to reset and escape and explore and fill that constant need for an adventure fix.

This week I had the fortune of jumping with the Red Devils again – this was my third jump and my best one. I think it was the total lack of control that I loved the most. I spend my life operating calendars, teams, deliveries, spreadsheets…. it was petrifying and exhilarating and incredible all at the same time. I wanted to go back up before I had even finished the jump. The feelings were indescribable. But the breathlessness is addictive. I am already booking in my next one – this time the course so I am qualified to jump alone.


Meet Dean – the ultimate skydiving tandem instructor 


And then I found myself in Croyde, a place undiscovered from my previous list of destinations. I am almost glad I have left it so long to find it. It is everything I could have wanted.

I spent the day on the beach, soaking up the sun, replying to client emails whilst watching the endless worlds of people go by. We ate at Biffen’s Kitchen –  based in Ocean’s Pitch – overlooking Croyde Bay. Biff, who abandoned London for a better life, has set up his own surf-inspired food shack with themed nights and the BEST food. Honestly. It’s only 5 stars on Tripadvisor. And too rightly so. Biff has set his own level in the world of street food.

The next three days are about hikes, running, paddle-boarding, cliff jumping, sleep and people and sunshine and breathing.


I have found my place to breathe. To breathe and to work and find utter peace. I hope you find yours.


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