Guilty On All Counts

Apparently “the greatest gift you can give someone is your time.”

Because once you actually invest it in someone, or for someone, there is no way of getting it back.

It’s a shame that we often find ourselves investing it so much and in so many that are perhaps not deserving of it. It is also a shame that we find ourselves questioning the currency of life by questioning who is deserving of it?

But then, I suppose, how would we ever really know?

I am sure that we are all culprits of such investment. And I am even more sure, that we are culprits of not investing enough in those who really need it. I know this because, even without a jury in my life, I have sentenced myself to such a crime.

When I think of my friends, my true, years-on-end friends, I would hope that they classify me as someone who has given them the time they deserve. And we are not talking about the amount of time it takes to send a quick message, or cancel last minute on a plan (because that for sure I am absolutely guilty of); We are talking of the times when you can go for weeks without talking, and when the wonderful moment arrives when you do get to see each other that, within minutes, or be it seconds, your friendship automatically re-establishes the solidarity and comfort it as always had. And hopefully always will.

We are talking of the times when you find a quiet moment in your day and you speak to a friend who just so happens to be sharing that moment with you.

We are talking of the times when you take a moment to breathe, just ever so slightly, ever so gently. Take those breaths. Share those joys and especially those tears and, even more so, those laughters that fill even your longest days with a hint of happiness, however fleeting they are.

Life is a harsh sentence on us all. And even more so when we all struggle through the lowest moments, but I have quickly come to learn that without our friends, life would be an even harsher task.

So thank you to you – whose names need no mention – for making my life a better one. For making my moments count. You have made me a better person for them.





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