Chasing the Spanish Sunshine

Today it’s your birthday. Happy birthday. And I actually mean that. I hope you’re happy. Because by knowing you are, that makes me more so. 

I just spent three days in Spain. It was hot and sunny and warm and happy. I stayed awake until 2am. I swam in the rain. I laughed and shouted and drank wine until the sun came up. 

And my god it rained. It rained 48 hours straight until we swam in goggles and left our towels in the rain, just to see how wet it really was. 

Now I’m home. And those days are just what I needed. And it’s days like those I look forward to the most. With friends and good friends and new friends and old friends. With friends I am yet to make and yet to keep.

And one day, I will get to make a new day with you, in just that capacity. Until then, happy birthday. This year is for both of us. 

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